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In October 2010, I (Everett Wickham), as a sophomore in high school, launched Tech Trainer. I’d always loved technology, and I'd begun to see how much people wanted and needed help understanding their devices. I didn't start from scratch either. I'd helped my grandmother with her computer from the age of nine. And I loved helping her. Whenever she got a new device, I enjoyed exploring its features and explaining them to her. Together, we'd write down instructions click-by-click, so she could carry out basic tasks on her own. Then, in the fall of 2009, my history teacher noticed my abilities. I had helped her in class on multiple occasions. She asked me for a quote to give her some lessons and perform some upgrades on her computer. Other people began to hear of my abilities. I received more calls for help and various computer services. At this time, I didn't have a business, I was just acting as a friend, doing an odd job here or there. And so it began. Because my requests continued to grow, I decided to start a business to extend my reach to the community. I love technology, and I've always had an interest in business. It was the perfect match. My father, owner of Cartridge World Hickory, even offered to let me use a space in his store to perform lessons. Thus Tech Trainer was born.

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I offer lessons on all of your favorite devices. And I don’t just rant on and on. First, I find out what you would like to know, and then I teach you how to do it. If you’d like, I’ll even help you write down click-by-click instructions for future use.

Wifi Network

Need wifi? I’ll setup a new secure wifi network at your home or place of business. And I won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it. Or maybe you need help with your existing wifi network? I’ll troubleshoot it and get it working again.

Personal Shopping

We’ll take a trip to your favorite technology store and help you select the perfect device. You’ll get the most for your money. In fact, you’ll probably have more money paying me than you would if you found the device yourself.

Device Optimization

I’ll take a look and make sure everything is running properly. If something can be done to help your device operate more efficiently, I’ll either perform the tweaks myself, or I’ll help you understand what needs to be done.

Product Setup

Just buy a new device? I’ll come to your home or place of business and set it up for you. I’ll get on the floor and behind furniture to connect cables. All you have to do is sit back and watch. And you won’t have to worry about breaking something.

Software Upgrades

New operating systems and software updates come out all the time. I can help you get all of your devices up to date. Your devices will run more efficiently and you’ll enjoy numerous new features. These updates even improve the security of your devices.

Blogs + Websites

I have some of the lowest blog and website prices around. And my blogs and websites don’t look “cheap”. They make you or your business shine. Take my website as an example. Let me put you or your business online today.

Your Tech Handyman

Have another tech project that doesn’t fall under the services listed here? Need someone to run the PowerPoint presentation at your company meeting? I just might be able to help you. Contact me about your special project, and I’ll let you know what I can do.

About Me

It's important to note that I am very self-motivated and determined. I don't give up until I fix a problem. I've developed my knowledge of technology almost since birth. And I even figured out how to make websites - completely on my own. In fact, I developed this very website. I configured everything you see. I love business, and I love technology. They both run in my blood. But most of all, I love to help others. I am a Senior studying Business Management Information Systems on a full tuition scholarship at Liberty University, and I've been employed since I was just 13 years old. Alongside my studies, I serve as a Microsoft Excel/Access Tutor at Liberty University. I continue to serve my Tech Trainer clients when I am home from school during university breaks. I hope to serve you soon!

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What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.

- Steve Jobs -


  • Gwen Butler

    Everett is always on time. He’s knowledgable and thorough.

  • Shelly Thigpen

    Everett, I couldn’t have been happier! You did a great job and I enjoyed talking to you. 🙂 Will call you in a second anytime I need help. Thanks so much!

  • Linda Troutman

    I highly recommend Tech Trainer for the professional work that was done. You were patient and explained everything I needed to know. Great work from Tech Trainer.

  • Steve Shores

    Twice, I have run into computer issues that were blocking me and frustrating me. Twice, I’ve gone to Everett and, after his teaching me, I’ve left with solutions. Both times, he has enabled me to return to being productive.

  • Emily Stewart

    Everett is so quick with responding to my computer issues. He is always patient even with the technologically challenged. He had helped me in so many areas; setting up wireless, helping with new software, tutorials on itunes, and many other minor things.

  • Kim Menzies

    Highly recommend! Very knowledgeable and always available for even the smallest problems or questions. Thank you Everett!!!

  • Louise Wickham

    Everett Wickham has made it possible for me to do so many different things on my mac computer! I live in Richmond, Va. and he connects me to his computer in NC. I am an artist/painter/instructor, and he has helped me to understand photos, downloads, tagging, which I use with students. I have several thousand photos that I have taken. Everett, also an accomplished photographer, puts 100’s of photos on fb. I am able to enlarge on my screen, and students, as well as myself, use for paintings and instruction. He had taught me the many uses of a mac a year ago, and for me it is a most helpful tool in teaching and personally using my mac. Also, he has helped me with skype, trash, etc., and more.

  • Eleanor King

    Everett has a quiet professional manner and along with his strong knowledge base he can easily relate to students on all levels of computer understanding!

  • Amy Rhodes

    We are very pleased with the service we got from Tech Trainer. Our problem was resolved quickly, exactly, courteously, and conveniently.

  • Paige Blanchat

    We have used Mr. Wickham’s service innumerable times and have found him to be knowledgeable, reliable, and very capable. I can recommend him without reservations.

  • Marjorie Rist

    Everett Wickham is a very knowledgeable, dependable & patient young man. He has a great understanding of all the programs on the computer. I am on the older side of life and he has given me the ability to use the computer. I highly recommend Everett!

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